Workshop on gaseous debris disks

October 10-11, 2017

RIKEN, Wako, Japan 

Purpose & Scope

We will have a small workshop, especially for gaseous debris disks in order to understand the recent results and discuss for the future trends in this fascinating field. This will be a small, two-day workshop with up to ~30 participants, aiming to bring together experts in
(i) observing gaseous debris disks,
(ii) theoretical models of planet formation,
(iii) astrochemical modelling of protoplanetary/debris disks, to discuss the implications for the origin of gas, gas compositions, and timescale of completion of the Solar System. 
Registration deadline: 2pm, 31.8.2017

Aya Higuchi (Chair, RIKEN)
Bill Dent (JAO)
Hiroshi Kobayashi (Nagoya University)
Luca Matrà (cfa)
Satoshi Yamamoto (The University of Tokyo)
Nami Sakai (Chair, RIKEN)
Aya Higuchi (RIKEN)
Yichen Zhang (RIKEN)
Satoshi Ohashi (RIKEN)
Kento Yoshida (RIKEN)

Contact: debris_ws[at]